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Steve Durkac

I don’t know what that means, except that I love the beach and self-publishing website.

I am a church pastor by education and vocation, but web design has somehow become a hobby for me. In 1996 I was the pastor of a church near Huntsville, Alabama with a parishioner who worked as the Information Technology Director at a local college.

With the parishioner’s help, I developed a website for our congregation using Microsoft Word. I have used several web design software over the years since then, but today I am big supporter of WordPress and use it exclusively.


Simple Websites

While I am not in the web design business, I have helped a few over the years get their own simple website up, and I am always happy to help others develop their own web presence using the same tools that I do to promote my ministries online.

I am a big advocate of having a simple website that is readable and usable, which does make it easier to get a message out and allow search engines to help do that. I am also a big advocate of a small church pastor or ministry leader having website control for immediate changes and updates, too.

If you visit my websites you’ll quickly notice that they are simple brochure styles, but easy to navigate. If I can help or answer any questions, please contact me.


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